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Great Deals/Great Sushi Today...



Join us Monday through Friday for our new ALL YOU CAN EAT lunches for only $13.95.

Each day you can choose for a wide selection of sushi and hot items as our menu changes daily using the freshest local products available in the marketplace. 

Now serving Blue Fin Tuna, once you taste this tuna, you will not be able to eat from other cheapo sushi places.  Only come to Barracuda if you never want to eat at other cheapo sushi places.  Be warned!


$1.00 draft beer and $1.00 hot sake


$3.00 Sake Bombs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG, I am so tippssssyysyysy from alllllll thehhehehhe sakeeee bommbbbss


Just go lucky, get your groove on, pick up a date and eat at Barracuda Night...  with all the bells and whistles that Friday's come with and things to hope for...


Party night - all large groups, congregate at Barracuda - where can you hang loose with a group of 10 in the Castro.  They aren't any places in the Castro that can accomodate a large party of 15 without blinking.  You have vegetarians and picky people in your group - no problem we can accomodate any party poopers... without blinking


Our famous $9.00 all you can drink mimosas - so busy, so many mimosas to fill... gotta run around the restaurant to refill all of those glasses... gotta run... so busy...