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Simple Furnishing Patterns

Before we begin one needs to know what minimalist style really is, it basically is an exercise where lighting, objects, and space play one of the most important roles, simply restraining, this style has certain needs, for instance, you will be required to pare down your room’s furnishings to the essentials so that the objects can have the max impact, some confuse this style with boring but it is not boring it is more functional, memorable and bold. 


Color palette – Restrained

I simply mean go for a light color, you can go for grey and white color combo or a color combo of neutrals and pastels, and then you can go for blue colored cushions and then they will outstand other than this you can even opt for a wooden table and it would take all the attention 


This look is very much defined by the space and space is required to interact with the furniture, the thing is that in this particular style visual balance is actually a thing, for instance, if you are planning to go for a set of a sofa which is white then because of the right spacing the sofa would be amplified  

Clutter is a big NO

If you are going for the minimalist style then m sorry you cannot display each and everything you can store everything in the cupboard and display the objects which are actually essential. 

No over the board decoration

Now when I say no over the board I do not mean that you cannot decorate your home, yes you can decorate your home but there are certain rules to decoration when you opt for minimalist style, for instance, you can go for accent pictures, do not for many of them just go for one and it would be enough. 

Love playing? Try playing with the texture

Yes you can try breaking the monotony by simply adding an object which has a really different texture, if you are planning to paint your room with a white and grey combo then to make your room look alive you would definitely need some object of a different texture, for instance, you can go for some chandelier or a floorboard. 

Bare windows – Natural lighting

Make bare windows your friend if you really wish to have natural light in your house and do not worry about the privacy you can simply use thin curtains, bare windows would allow the natural light to pour it in and it would actually go along your interior no matter what. 

Simple objects

Do not get over the board and complex things, over complex, choose simple go for bulbs instead of high-quality lights, bare bulbs would make their own identity and go with the rest of the room. 


You do not require a lot of patterns just a few and then watch the pattern take away all the attention. That’s all with the minimalist style, just keep things simple, have the right spacing and you’re good to go. 

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