Popcorn Shrimps 


  1. Take a saucepan, place it on your stove, turn the stove on and then add oil to the pan (make sure that the size of the saucepan is big enough as you require it for deep frying), the temperature needs to be around three hundred and fifty degrees.
  2. Now take a bowl and in that bowl add some flour, take another medium-sized bowl and in that bowl add milk and egg, after adding the ingredients whisk them together, now take one more bowl and this third bowl add bread crumbs, garlic powder, parsley, basil, onion powder and, salt once you are done adding all the ingredients to the bowl mix them properly.
  3. Now its time to coat the shrimp in flour after coating shake the extra flour off, after this coating coat the shrimp by dipping them into the second mixture (egg mixture) and in the end toss the shrimps into the crumbs. Now shake off the extra crumbs, take a plate and place all the coated shrimps onto that plate, try not stacking the coated shrimps. 
  4. We are now at the last step all you need to do is deep fry the coated shrimps, fry them until they turn golden this might take about three to four minutes and after frying the shrimps place them onto a plate and before transferring them to the plate place tissues on the plate.
  5. That’s all with the popcorn shrimp recipe, remove the extra oil from the shrimps by using some tissues. 

Per serving one gets almost twenty grams of protein from this dish, five hundred and sixty-two calories in total, around thirty-one grams of fat, this dish seems pretty cool not only in taste but when it comes to nutrition as well, now let’s move towards the second recipe. 

Let’s make chicken scampi 


  • The very first step is about boiling the pasta and hope you know how pasta is boiled if you do not know then do not worry, add water and pasta to a pan on the top add a tablespoon oil and place the pan on your stove turn the stove on and allow it to boil, it might take some time
  • Cut the chicken into tenders after cutting the chicken season it.
  • Now take a dish (make sure that it is shallow) and then add flour to it after adding flour add a pinch of salt.
  • Now dip the chicken tenders into the seasoned flour
  • Place your skillet on your stove turn it on and add one big spoon of oil, now once the oil is properly heated add the tenders to the skillet and cook the tenders (this might take three to four minutes) 
  • Once cooked transfer the cooked tenders to a plate
  • Now place the skillet again on your stove, turn it on and then add one big spoon of oil, add onions and pepper after five minutes add garlic
  • Mix well and then add parmesan, cream, and milk.stirwell. 
  • Now it’s the right time to add chicken, cook for about five minutes and then add pasta to it, season it and after seasoning in serve it


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