Electric Smoker vs. Kamado

Kamodo is a Japanese word which means ‘a stove’ or a ‘cooking range’ it came into the mainstream attention and to the forefront when the Americans started dabbling with it after the Second World War. Kamodo is a smoker, an oven and a grill all fitted compactly into a single component. Kamado grills are fuelled by charcoal which when heated produces flames and thanks to this slow cooking method it is best for smoking meats and slow meat cooking. Kamodo is versatile as it is not only used grilling but is also good for baking pizza and it also serves as a slow meat smoker.

Kamado grills are capable of holding and trapping heat and the smoke within the meat which has a tremendous impact on the flavor of the meat. Kamodo requires some work as one has to keep on maintaining the temperature as the fluctuations in the temperature while cooking will lead to the uneven cooking of the meat and the food. Ceramic Kamodo is more durable than clay ones as the clay in these usually cracks rendering them useless. Ceramic Kamado grills are the top notch in the world of Kamodos as they are comparatively better in terms of temperature control, durability and versatility these are corrosion resistant.

The Kamados are good grill for smoking meat but they have several downsides too, like for example Ceramic Kamodos are very heavy and it is a lot of work moving them from a place to a different one also it is to be noted in case of moving these ceramic Kamodos they are prone to cracking if they are tripped or even slightly dropped. Als,o the metal ones are prone to rust and another downside is that they are not capable of retaining temperatures as well as the ceramic ones. Another downside of having Kamodos is that they may take too much time heating up and whilst cooling down this leads to longer waiting times during barbeques or in restaurants where the customers are looking to grab a quick bite of their favorite smoked meat.

On the other hand in the 21 Century with so many technological advancements Kamodos are usually preferred by people who usually skeptical and very defensive of the way their meat cooks. In today’s world people usually prefer electric smokers over the traditional ones because they are easy to use, even a beginner can smoke up some pretty good smoked meat with it. It does not require extensive knowledge of smoking and cooking meat. With a digital console so as to set temperatures, set and maintain timers and also a variety of other options it is very easy to use an Electric Smoker. For reviews on the top smokers, read Best Electric Smoker Reviews 2019 – Reviewed by America’s Top Chefs. The biggest con of having an electric smoker is that is can be used to smoke meat in places with open fire bans.

Also, it is easy for even child to use this as there is the potential of a fire breaking or even of the fear not letting the children near it. It is an easy way to cook up some smoky meat whilst just adding a few bowls of wood chips in certain intervals of time also in electric smoker there is not the hassle of turning up the meat on different sides so as to let it cook evenly. Electric smokers as compared to the traditional grills and smokers like the Kamodo are far better, efficient, durable, and easy to use in a fast pacing world where the people are usually busy and it helps them eat some pretty good and delicious smoked meat while not being hassled and stressed by a traditional smoker around which one always has to stay vigilant.…